UCP provides support to people with disabilities, and their families, to help them gain access to the resources they need to remove barriers to their independence.

We offer direct services to low-income individuals with disabilities and their families living in Eastern Connecticut.

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UCP's Disability Support Program has been facilitating the removal of barriers to independence for individuals with disabilities since 1999.

UCP promotes individual and family economic security by coordinating services that provide assistance for heating and energy, transportation, medical equipment, and assistive technology. We work with community partners and businesses to find affordable and accessible housing and/or provide housing modifications that enable a person or family member to safely access their home. We also decrease homelessness due to financial hardship, eviction, and unemployment. Occasionally, we are able to provide direct financial assistance to avoid "shut offs" and evictions, and then provide follow-up support to ensure future housing stability. In 2016, we received 290 requests for services from individuals in Eastern Connecticut living with disabilities, 134 of these were caregivers and families of children under the age of 21. They were facing financial hardships, in need of durable medical equipment, were living in unsafe safe housing, or were at risk for eviction because of unemployment. People with disabilities have increased medical expenses and earn 60% less than households without a person with a disability. They are far less likely to be employed and when they are employed, they earn less than their peers without a disability. Those that live with severe or chronic disability are more likely to live in severely substandard conditions. This is what our clients experience every day. These individuals are also at risk for abuse and neglect, isolation, injury and crisis. At UCP, we treat the person holistically and provide case management to serve them throughout a wide range of service and support needs.

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