During this pandemic, people with disabilities have been hit hard.  image

During this pandemic, people with disabilities have been hit hard.

They are facing unprecedented barriers accessing meals, medicine, technology and support services.

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People with disabilities are struggling with new levels of isolation.

How are you doing?

How are you? I hope you are doing well. In these uncertain times, I am humbled and comforted by the number of people, like you, who think of others when times get tough. And this sure is tough isn't it? This pandemic has been stressful and anxiety producing for all of us. During the first few months when we were all quarantining in our homes, many of us turned to our internet connected devices to socialize, buy groceries, watch Netflix, visit our doctors and work from home. Thankfully...we had computers, iPads and the internet.

But there was, and remain, a group of people who were immediately disconnected from the world because they didn't have access to any of it. People with disabilities.

We can now appreciate how access to devices and the internet has become an essential part of everyday life. Yet, many individuals with disabilities cannot afford to buy these devices and another and 45% of CT residents with a disability also do not have wireless broadband internet.

The internet, computers, iPads and smartphones are financially out of reach for people with disabilities.

And we want to change that. At UCP we facilitate access to technology to support the independence, inclusion, and community participation of people with disabilities. Many people with disabilities can maximize their independence and inclusion in society with readily available off-the-shelf devices and products, accessible technology, technology-enabled supports, and internet access. Devices like Alexa, iPads and smart home technology.

Personal devices can facilitate social communication, provide vital health monitoring and other supports to people in nearly every aspect of their lives. In addition to offering specialized supports, key technologies and internet access enable people

  1. to connect with and utilize educational supports and services
  2. apply for jobs
  3. take courses to develop new skills
  4. navigate public transportation and ride share services
  5. maintain contact with others, and engage fully in the world

With your support, we can connect people to the internet and supply them with technology to support their independence, inclusion, and community participation. So they too can socialize, buy groceries, pay bills, and stay connected to their loved ones even in these uncertain times.

With my sincere gratitude,

Jennifer Keatley

Executive Director